Monday, December 6, 2010


Hi all. Back to writing. I've finally found a topic that's worth writing about - these days all that seems to be happening is Republicans and Democrats arguing over everything and getting absolutely nothing done. Oh, that and whatever the hell Sarah Palin and the Kardashians are doing. Surely this can't be ALL the news... either we live on the most boring planet in the galaxy (including Pluto (shut up it's a planet)), or someone is doing a very good job filtering anything that has any relevancy to our life out of our televisions... I blame the cable companies.

So now the topic of the day is... Wikileaks.

I think there are 2 important things that need to be said about Wikileaks. And that's all I'll say:

1) I think Wikileaks is great. Especially in a democracy, government is/should be for the people, by the people. Therefore, it's important for the people to know what's going on in government, and it's important for the people to be able to hold the government accountable for things. Leaked documents about our military forces "hunting" civilians for fun in Afghanistan are shocking, and something that anyone who is blindly "pro-military" should know about. It's embarassing for our government, but at the same time it brings to light issues that need to be addressed - much like you never really realize that your apartment is messy until you decide to have guests over. Not only that, but leaking these types of documents ensures that all animals are equal, and that no animals are more equal than others...

2) I think Wikileaks needs to be A LOT more responsible in terms of what it's releasing. It's true that information is great, but before jumping on the mindless bitching bandwagon with the rest of the "save the tigers" and "we depend too much on oil" people (and those people who whenever you talk to just want freedom of everything in general without having any specific demands), one has to think about the implications of releasing some of this information. After all, there's a reason why things are classified. Terrorism is a REAL threat to the US and other countries. Publicly releasing a list of all the areas where we are the most vulnerable is not a good idea when there are people who are actively trying to hurt us. Do me a favor Wikileaks... (I'm going to address Wikileaks like a person from now on but really this is directed at that Australian chap with the white hair, can't be bothered to look up the spelling of his name exactly.. Assange or something similar) go home, paint a big bullseye on your own roof, and see how long it takes before SOMETHING is shot at it.

I want to hear your thoughts on this so if you have a minute, send me some fan mail and I'll do a follow up pieces where I tell you why your opinions are dumb.


Mo out.