Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epic Fail

North Carolina beach town bans thongs

Lambeth said people can wear thongs in their homes and backyards. And with his policy in place, he told CNN he's content. "I'm sitting out here looking at the ocean and don't see a damn thong in sight."

Two words: Epic Fail.

And that's a good thing how? You crazy bastard. WHY??????? Why would you do that???

What's the point of wearing a thong at home? The whole point of the thong is to just barely satisfy the requirement for "being dressed" which is necessary for being out in public... if you're staying home you might as well just hang out in your birthday suit.

I think whenever decisions are being made about thongs, we should think to ourselves WWSS?, or "What would Sisqo say?" And I think in this case his answer would be "Let me see that thooooooooooooong, that thong th-thong thong thong!"

I implore Kure Beach to reconsider.

Mo out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is an interesting article (interesting article in this case being used to mean "an article I agree with")

I think I've made this analogy before. All the dodgy securitizations that Goldman is being given shit for right now are like drugs - if there were no buyers, there would be no sellers.

The writer of this article makes the same analogy. Anyone going LONG a synthetic CDO by definition assumes that there is a counterparty going SHORT. It's like betting on a football game - you know that the odds are calculated based on the number of people taking the opposite bet.

Sorry, but this post is not funny. I will return with some funny material soon as I know that funny content generates approximately 80% of the 2 hits a day I get.

Mo out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The dumbest anything I have ever seen anywhere, of all time. Period. Full stop. I honestly can't make this shit up...


A social networking garment. This is how the maker of Ping describes their product. Don't you want to just stop right there, and gouge both your own eyes out with a stale baguette? (it's a joke, the designer is of French descent).

It's supposed to be fashionable, but to me it looks like the model in the picture is going for the "sexy Emperor Palpatine" look.... perhaps fitting on Halloween as a joke, but of questionable taste for everyday use.

This garment's gimmick is that it responds to different gestures by updating your social networking profiles. If you put on the hood, or undo the strap, it posts different messages on your Facebook, for example. While the attempt at making something cool is appreciated, the stupidity and lack of practicality with which it is executed is enough to earn it the title of "dumbest anything I have ever seen anywhere, of all time." So does zipping up post on your Facebook that "Samantha is cold"? When you take the hood off, does twitter say "it has stopped raining"? How is that something that anyone needs to know?? If someone wants to know about the weather and they are sitting at a computer, they can just check and find out. If you are cold, then zipping up your hoodie seems to address the problem. The only way I could see this being useful is if you only wear this one piece of clothing and work or hang out in an area where you're friends with the maintenance/building guys. You tie up your best or whatever and they notice that and turn on the heat for you. And that's like, seriously pushing it.

Can we just drop the whole social networking thing already? What's the point of this? So that you put your hood on and then Facebook says "Jenny has put her hood on" and then Liz can say "omg that hood is so cute" and then Caitlin can say "omgggg I just got back from Vermont, bbm me" and then Josh can pretend like he cares and "like" the status because he secretly wants to screw Jenny? (that was actually a question...)

It's not like that garment really needs much social networking integration anyway. If the girl in the picture is any indication of the type of women who'll be buying this product, then all they need to do is walk into a bar and they'll find plenty of men willing to network socially with them face-to-face, sans 3G.

I'm sorry but I will have to end this post early, because it seems we have hit critical stupidity with this product. Let me explain. As something is more and more stupid, my ability to be funny and make fun of it increases... until critical stupidity is reached. Once a product reaches critical stupidity, I become so frustrated with the stupidity that it consumes me and turns me into a raging hater rather than a good-natured and funny blogger. Allow me to demonstrate with a graph:


Mo out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

eMo reviews "Slash"... so you can go out and buy it!

Ok... I understand that asking me to objectively review an album by Slash is a little bit like going to a Star Wars convention and asking people what they thought of The Empire Strikes Back, but I'm going to try to do as good a job as possible as someone who enjoys Rock & Roll and has listened to the album many many times:


Ok now seriously... I think the best way to do this is to go track by track. Here we go:

1) Ghost (feat. Ian Astbury & Izzy Stradlin): This is a pretty straightforward rock & roll tune. Sounds a little like GNR (not surprisingly). I'm not very familiar with The Cult, but Iam Astbury does a very good job with the vocals. It's catchy and has an awesome guitar solo (you're going to hear this a lot, so I'm just going to shorten it HAGS).

2) Crucify the Dear (feat. Ozzy): This track has OZZY all over it. The feel of the song is a little bit more somber than Ozzy's Randy Rhoads era solo stuff, but could pass for an Ozzy song (if not for Slash's unmistakable gutiar playing style). The song starts off pretty mellow but the energy picks up as it progresses. Pretty sweet song.

3) Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie): BEFORE anyone says Fergie can't sing, please listen to this track. This song proves that anyone can be good when Slash writes their music. It's really catchy and HAGS.

4) Back from Cali (feat. Myles Kennedy): This is the first of two songs that the Alter Bridge vocalist lends his talent to on the album. He's pretty good but the song itself is a little on the generic side. That's not to say it's bad... it's just not as amazing as the other songs on the album - any other artist would be proud to release a song this good. Straight up rock tune with a bluesy intro/bridge lick.

5) Promise (feat. Chris Cornell): Not my favorite on the album... it sounds like one of those Audioslave tracks off the back off that album whose name you don't remember. The instrumentals are a bit boring and Chris Cornell doesn't deliver the best performance... I know he's capable of more.

6) By the Sword (feat. Andrew Stockdale): This song has a kind of White Stripes feeling to it except the drummer can actually play more than one beat and there is bass. The song is pretty good... HOWEVER I think it would have sounded much better with Jack White singing on it. Slash apparently tried to get Jack White (who seemed to think he was too good to be on the album, and can go F himself) but settled for Andres Stockdale. Not a bad choice, as he sounds a little bit like a mix of Robert Plant and Jack White (both great vocalists). Rather than going for the over the top guitar solo Slash actually tones it down a bit and goes for the clean wah.

7) Gotten (feat. Adam Levine): This track is fairly mellow, but fresh. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 does the vocals (and is very appropriate for the song). Not much to say here other than it's a good song.

8) Doctor Alibi (feat. Lemmy Kilmister): You know a song is going to be great when it credits "Slash, feat. Lemmy Kilmister." There is no way that song could possibly be bad.... 3:07 is barely enough to contain the badassness and prevent it from oozing out the sides... The beat is solid, the riff is sweet, and the lyrics are about Lemmy telling everyone to fuck off and let him drink, party, and Rock & Roll. He's 64. Fucking badass. Also, HAGS. What more could you want?

9) Watch This (instrumental, feat. Dave Grohl Duff McKagan): This song borders on Metal, and is a 3:46 demonstration of why Slash is better than you at playing the guitar. The title is pretty clever. Awesome song. HAGS.

10) I Hold (feat. Kid Rock): I was expceting some rap-rock, but Slash, being Slash, went for the rock-country approach, which is the other thing that Kid Rock does. The song is a little bland but is still pretty good and gives the listener's ears a quick breather between the previous two songs and the next one, which are rather intense.

11) Nothing to Say (feat M. Shadows): This song can best be described as an Avenged Sevenfold song with more balls (but not as great drumming... RIP the Rev...). The riffs range from very to fucking awesome, and the chorus is very catchy. Shadows delivers a strong vocal performance and mostly avoids the annoying nasal sound that's prevalent on later A7X albums. Also, 2x HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS. If you somehow forgot that Slash can shred, the solo is a 40 second face-melting reminder.

12) Starlight (feat. Myles Kennedy): The second Kennedy song, and my favorite of the two. The song is more upbeat, the vocals are more engaging, and HAGS.

13) Saint is a Sinner Too (feat. Rocco DeLuca): This song is pretty good and has a bit of an epic western thing to it. What sets it apart from the rest of the album is that it doesn't have the Slashness - meaning you can't listen to it and instantly recognize it's a Slash song. That doesn't make it bad, but it's kind of what we expect and like to hear from Slash.

14) We're All Gonna Die (feat. Iggy Pop): I'm not too good at math, but I imagine that Slash + Iggy Pop always = Awesome. The song is really groovy and goes the way of softer verses / energetic choruses without slowing down too much at any point. To give you an idea of how awesome this song is and how insane Iggy Pop is, the first few words of the chorus are "We're all gonna die! So let's get high!" Also, 2x HAGS. During the second guitar solo, Iggy Pop does an evil laugh and says "I wanna whip it out and pee on the ground!"


This album is really really good. There are some average songs, but the really great songs are so great that they completely eclipse any part of the album that isn't aboslutely perfect. Here are my personal favorite songs:

Beautiful Dangerous, Doctor Alibi, Nothing to Say, We're All Gonna Die

Now go buy this album, or at least listen to it at:

Mo out.

It's MY fault... now can everyone just get back to fucking work?

For the past few weeks, every current and former executive, board member, trader, and mascot of every current and defunct, major and minor financial institution has been paraded in front of Congress like some sort of witch or communist and questioned to death by a committee whose job it is to blame the financial crisis on someone. Because naturally, whenever something like a global financial crisis strikes, there is clearly one person to blame.

I saw something which made me laugh out loud (at the office) the other day. Greenspan was testifying before the committee and actually made the claim that he thought he was 70% right and 30% wrong during his time as Chairman. That's like one step away from saying "70% of the time, I was right all the time!" This statement makes me curious for three reasons: 1) It seems to imply that the Chairman of the Fed has 100% control over the entire globe's economy, which is clearly nowhere near the truth, 2) it implies that Greenspan has some sort of financial analysis team working to produce these seemingly bogus numbers, and 3) it also implies that rather than working on other things (like solving the economic problems we have) this world-class team of economic thinkers is sitting around trying to justify Greenspan's C- grade performance as Chairman.

The most ridiculous thing about this is... so what if they do find Greenspan responsible for the economic crisis through their arbitrary process? What are they going to do?? Execute him? Ban him from ever giving anyone advice ever again? Send him into exile? Stan O'Neil, the former CEO of Merrill Lynch who is widely blamed for driving that organization into the ground... is already happily employed again. The fact of the matter is that even if we do find someone to blame for the financial crisis, it means nothing at all. It's not like there's any punishment the government can dish out, and more importantly, finding out who caused the crisis will not solve it. Catching an arsonist doesn't put out the fire!

I think any reasonable person would conclude that greed caused the financial meltdown. There were simply too many Americans trying to live beyond their means (by taking out credit cards and mortgages they simply couldn't afford) and too many "smart" Wall Street guys thinking up new ways to make money providing these people with loans. However, that answer simply won't fly in Congress. The American people clearly are unable of ever doing anything wrong (because they're the voters, surprise, surprise), so now we've got to find some rich and mighty Wall Street type that looks just enough like a bastards that the American people might fall for it. But what do I know?

Fuck it... Can we just say I single-handedly caused the financial meltdown and get back to work on how to fix it please?

Mo out.

PS I'm still looking for a singer and a bassist in case my bank job "doesn't work out" after this post...

Monday, April 12, 2010

eMo reviews Chatroulette, so you don't have to...

After much hype I finally decided to see what Chatroulette was all about. For anyone that doesn't know what Chatroulette is, it's basically a website that allows you to have a video conference with a completely random person. You start talking to them and if you get bored or don't like what you see, you press F9 and are matched with a new person. That's it.

Being the cool and hip guy that I am, it is my responsibility to constantly stay on top of everything in the cool and hip domain. I am now sharing this information with you... A picture of a non-chat roulette is about the most appropriate (as in "sensitive to people who may be reading this at work") picture I could find, which right off the bat gives you an idea of where this is going. But let me tell you about all the fun and odd things that I ran into before getting down and dirty. Also, I know you're not supposed to start sentences with but, but like Liam Lynch would say,  "whateva."

Let me first say that in order to remotely enjoy this experience you should be in a state of quite to very drunk. A few of my friends and I decided to get a few 12 packs of Heine before kicking off our session. At first it's a little weird to get used to. Your video is on the right, and the other person(s) video is on the left. Naturally our first reaction was to say hi. The first person we were "matched" with was a group of guys, also drinking beers and being ridiculous. For about 30 seconds we just yelled "Heeeeeeeyyyy!" at each other until my brother got bored and pressed F9. Next.

After a few people that instantly skipped us (perhaps because they were looking for something in particular [see later on what they could have been looking for {i am such a nerd}]), we ended up being matched with two ~16 year old guys and a younger ~14-15 year old girl. They asked us if we wanted to see her take her top off, to which my friend (who shall remain unnamed) drunkenly responded "YES!!!," to which they responded "you sick fuck!!!" before F9'ing us. Pretty clever. We laughed at Robert for a while (oops, gave him away).

After a few more instant skips we came across some hispanic people playing generic latin music at full blast in the background and dancing. We joined them for a little before skipping to the next person, a kind-of-but-not-really-cute girl sitting by herself. We tried to make conversation (nothing creepy, just "hi" "where are you from" etc...) and discovered she was from the UK and wanted to see New York. So we took our laptop to the window and showed her the New York skyline for which she was very grateful. Then Sherif got bored and decided to next her...

See that's the thing about chat roulette. You can have perfectly normal, civilized, non-perverted conversations with anyone on the street on a daily basis. That's not why people go to to chat roulette. They go to chatroulette because they want to entertain the sick little corner of their brain that doesn't want to have to associate with "real" people. And what better way of doing this than through a random, anonymous, online video chat? And now we get to the ugly side of chatroulette. 70% of the people on it are single dudes (I don't mean marital status, I mean number of dudes on the screen). So, be prepared to see A LOT of dicks (I don't mean guys who are jerks... I mean... I think you know what I mean). Probably the most consistent thing that we saw was (if you're sensitive to inappropriate things, read no further)...

...guys wanking it in front of a camera. In fact, avoiding them became almost like a game in itself, where randomly, 1/4 people we were matched with were guys touching themselves and we would all go "Aahhhwwww!!!" while one of us quickly reached for the F9 key. It's was almost like playing a game of minesweeper. One guy had the decency to do it under a blanket so you didn't actually have to see his stuff, but still... it's pretty gross. The longest consecutive streak of... this... was 5 in a row. But, in a really, really weird way, it's fucking hilarious! Beeeecaaaaaauuuuse - there are also topless girls from time to time. THAT'S RIGHT. So all of a sudden there's actually an incentive to keep clicking. So in the end you and your drunken friends are F9'ing people like crazy looking for chicks and laughing hysterically and going "Aaaahhwwwww" every time a dick pops up! And when finally a topless girl at her computer with another one dancing around a stripping pole in the background come up on the screen and your friend Robert is in the bathroom, making fun of him for missing it will be just about the funnest thing in the world! Remember how I said you have to be drunk to appreciate Chatroulette? This is why. No sober person in their right mind would ever do or want to do this.

Here's a pie chart of other things we saw:

Conclusion: So while it starts out fun and good-natured, Chatroulette easily turns into one of the vilest things I've ever seen in my life. Chatroulette falls in to the realm of things that are incredibly fun, but only under the right circumstances - if you want to try it out, make sure you (get ready, numbered list):

1) Have a high tolerance for seeing dicks
2) Are very drunk and get progressively more drunk as you spend time on Chatroulette
3) Have very low expectations of actually seeing something you want to see
4) Don't get offended when someone doesn't want to speak to you just because you're a dude
5) Live in a state where being forced to watch pornography isn't a crime
6) Have a bunch of your friends with you to share the ups, the downs, the chicks, and the dicks, and a designated person to hit the F9 button who can generally be trusted to do so (not one who purposely makes you watch something gross while he runs to the bathroom, Sherif)

Also, because I'm a dude I've written this review from a dude's point of view (because that is the only point of view that I know). However, if you are a girl (and a very perverted one) you might actually get a serious kick out of Chatroulette.... that is until every group of drunken guys that you come across has at least one of them in the back raising his beer into the air yelling "BOOOBIEEEES!!!!!" This followed by all of them yelling "BOOOOBIEEEEES!!!!" (We never did that at all).

But in all seriousness... do it once. Get wasted, and do it. It's just something you have to experience for yourself. Also I want to point out that Chatroulette matched us with ourselves one time and it was pretty funny (there's like 4 million different people it can pick from).

Mo out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I said in my last post, I've recently been looking up random things in Wikipedia and learning about them in my free time. One of the things that I read about was Azerbaijan.

Interestingly, when you Google Azerbaijan, the number 2 and 5 suggestions both involve pants (Azerbaijan pants and Azerbaijan Olympic pants). Wanting to find out what all the buzz around these pants was, I did a google image search and discovered that during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the athletes from Azerbaijan wore some pretty ballin' ass pants.

As I read through the blog which this pants image came from, I read a comment by another user claiming that while those pants were awesome, they weren't nearly as awesome as the Danish curling pants. Needless to say I looked them up and discovered that they were eye bleedingly cool. I also discovered that they were Norwegian (as it says on the back of the shirt...)

So my question to you is which pair of pants would you rock??


Danish (aka Norwegian):

Mo out.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emergency declared in Kyrgyzstan. WTF is Kyrgyzstan?

"(CNN) -- Civil unrest engulfed the politically troubled central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday, with the government declaring a state of emergency and street fighting in the capital resulting in at least 40 deaths, according to reports. The Kyrgyz Health Ministry said that along with the deaths, around 400 people were wounded in fighting in Bishkek, the capital, between demonstrators supporting the political opposition and police, and the casualty toll is expected to rise."

I'm not going to lie, I had no idea that such a country even existed when I saw the news this morning. I wasn't surprised to find it right in the middle of central Asia, next to all the other 'stans (excuse my lack of political correctness there), but nevertheless I looked it up in Wikipedia and read about it for 2 minutes. One of the interesting things I found out was that they were one of two Soviet states to keep Russian as an official language post Soviet Union. Another thing I discovered was that they actually used the Arabic alphabet and script in Kyrgyzstan until the early 1900s, like Turkey and a few other countries.

Here's my advice for the day. Next time you see something like this (be it Kyrgyzstan or any other thing you've never heard of before), do yourself a favor and take 2 minutes to read about it. You'll learn something new and you'll be a better person for it. Also, you'll have more ammo next time you get into a debate with someone, and you'll seem smarter! Worst case scenario you'll feel like slightly less of a retard at bar trivia.

Mo out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How I'm going to make football popular in America

I was watching some good Premier League football over the weekend (well, I was actually watching Manchester City play good Premier League football, and Burnley getting the shit kicked out of them) on a channel called FSCN or something like that when I realized "you know what, there's probably plenty of money to be made popularizing football in the US." Before you start to laugh at my face, I've got 3 very good reasons for why I think there is money to be made. Here they are:

1) Hispanics love football, and they are a very large and growing, part of our population
2) Americans love it - in fact we start playing it at a very early age and continue through high school
3) MLS is pretty terrible and leaves lots of room for improvement

(For any of you wondering I'm going to stubbornly continue to refer to it as football, so deal with it)

Okay in order to figure out how I'm going to make it work, I have to figure out why it doesn't work already. I've come up with two big points. Just to try something fresh (and escape my numbered list habit) I'm going to call them a and b:

a) You can't really advertise during football matches. Think about all the breaks, time-outs etc. that other American sports have (baseball, American football, basketball, hockey). All that time where you are in front of the television and the athletes aren't playing brings in advertising dollars. Hundreds of millions of them. This makes other sports much more profitable to broadcasts and football ends up being shown only on specialty channels that viewers typically pay extra for. Think about baseball - they don't play more than they actually do play!

b) There are very few statistics in football, because there simply aren't that many things to keep track of. And Americans love their stats. Any baseball fan will tell you that. In fact, we have entire online leagues dedicated to picking and following players with good stats.

Seems pretty easy to me what the solution is here, folks. First, we'll add a few time-outs per side. The teams can use them to discuss strategy, take a quick breather, and hassle the referee about that yellow card that Guiseppe received for diving in the first half. Perhaps we can give each team a short and a long time-out. During those time-outs, broadcasters can play ads. Second, we'll just make up some statistics for people to track. After all, baseball has some pretty fucking obscure ones - GO/AO, for example, measures a batter's propensity to suck on the ground relative to his aerial suckage. Here are a few possible football stats I came up with:

-Distance travelled while contesting an offsides call
-Scoring percentage on shots that "I would have fucking made"
-Shots taken from inside the box / shots taken from outside the box (the I/O ratio)
-Number of players injured by slide tackling / number of red cards received (the efficiency ratio)
-Number of penalties awarded / number of dives in the box (the Cristiano Ronaldo ratio)
-Percentage of opposing team's fans beaten up after the game (the Chelsea ratio)

I'm giving MLS a call later this afternoon. Who's with me?

Mo out.

PS Also, football produces some AMAZING photos. Here are a few I wanted to share:

The Rick Roll Report: Rollin' like Fred Durst

I know it's been almost a week since actual April Fools but I've decided this blog has been lacking in the funny department lately, so here goes - after posting my not-at-all-funny rant on April 1st I decided to lighten up the mood by engaging in the following April Fools prank:

1) Call the Rick Roll hotline (it's a phone number that plays the infamous Rick Astley song)
2) Put it on hold and use line 2 to dial a friend
3) Wait until they pick up and hit the conference button - they've just been Rick Rolled by phone

Here's the full Rick Roll report:

1) Sherif: Picked up, was rolled. Later admitted that I "made his day"
2) Chris: Picked up, was rolled. I received an e-mail a few minutes later saying "did you just Rick Roll my phone you ass?"
3) Keith: "Boston Insurance this is Kei... WE'RE NO STRANGERS TO LOOOOOOVE" Later asked me what the point of that was but upon discovering it was April 1st, seemed to appreciate it a little more.
4) Bone: Bone was in fact aware that I was going to call him to discuss "something important". Picked up, was rolled. Later posted in his gmail status that his day could only go up from there.
5) Curley: Picked up, was rolled. Continued to say "hello?" through the first chorus and into the 2nd verse. Solid roll.
6) Karim: Called Belgium and asked my mother to put him on the phone. In the background I could hear "It's your brother, pick up!" followed by "NO! I'm not going to!" As soon as he eventually picked up, he was rolled. In the background, heard what translates to "I knew it, you ass!!"
7) Alex: Picked up, was rolled. Could hear his co-workers laughing in the background.
8) Alejandro: Picked up, was rolled. E-mailed back saying "Are they paying you for today?"
9) Adam: Picked up, was rolled.
10) Lafferty: Picked up, was rolled. Remained on the line for 15-20 seconds saying "hello?" and eventually singing along.
11) Other Alex: Picked up at work, was rolled. Heard the words "RICK ROLL." I was later told that upon being Rick Rolled, he put his phone on speaker and proceeded to Rick Roll his fellow co-workers on my behalf. Nice.

Honorable mention: I tried to Rick Roll Colin, but he refused to pick up since my work number shows up as "unknown" on his phone. Justin then tried to Roll him through gchat, but the gchat window gave away the roll when it displayed a preview of the window. Colin therefore escpaed the day unrolled.

However, he did lose the game. Well, anyway, he just did... and so did you... and I.

Bwahahahahhahaa. The Hachness Epidemic strikes again!

Hach out.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I hate to break it to you (the tax-payer bailout myth)

Sometimes I wish we had a dictatorship in this country. Because if we did, then we wouldn't have to worry about dumb things like elections, and instead we could worry about fixing our economy without having to play the blame game. I am honestly sick and tired of hearing the phrase "bailed out by the taxpayers." Let me explain:

The government gave money to the big banks to help keep them afloat. Since this happened, they have constantly reminded the banks and the finance industry that they "owe the tax payers" for "bailing them out." This is completely false, and a blatant lie. When someone says that they owe someone for something, by definition, that means that they have received something from them.... correct? Okay we agree on that. Now to say that the "bankers" owe the average American for bailing them out implies that the average American has contributed some sort of tax money above and beyond their normal tax burden. Again, this is completely false, and a blatant lie. This myth is nothing more than a political weapon.

The government has a deficit. This means that the large vault where it keeps all its money is EMPTY. There is no taxpayer money to bail out anyone with. What the government is doing is printing money and borrowing money to finance the bailout. Middle class America has contributed NOTHING to the bailout, and that is a fact. Now, what happens next? Well, as I said in my previous post, the Obama Administration will raise taxes on the rich (including "bankers") and start recovering the bailout money - meaning that the entire burden of the bailout rests on the people who are being bailed out. That actually seems rather fair to me, no?

Instead of admiting to this and calling it a day, the government is using the "bailout" as leverage to justify ridiculous things like the mortgage "reduction" plan and a new "bank tax" (literally, just an additional tax on banks because they "earn too much money"). Why? To get votes. While the nation's top 5% pay just over 60% of the taxes in this country (this is fact), they only have 5% of the votes (obviously). Bleed them for their money, raise taxes even more, and then villainize them in the public eye. What a country we live in, huh?

So I hope that this whole tax-payer myth thing has been settled. Sorry for not being funny, I just wasn't feeling it today. If you wanna see something funny, check out the Google Blog, where the CEO has put up a very funny April fools joke.

Mo out.