Friday, July 30, 2010

My very own I hate rant

I've seen these types of videos all over the internet about people just listing things they hate. Considering that I hate a ton of things and I that I love ranting, it's surprising that I don't have a video up myself yet.

Fear not. Here is a blog post dedicated to things I hate. These are just the ones that I can think of now, and there will probably be a few more later when I think of the rest. I know it's not a video but I'm kind of camera shy.

Here. We. Go.!

- I hate it when you pre-order something because you really want to get it the first day but then they don't actually ship it until the release date so you end up getting it after everyone else anyway. That shit should arrive at your door on release day. Now I just feel like I should have gone to a store and bought it. I've been waiting 11 years for StarCraft II, I think a pre-order should have the decency to arrive on release day. It's not like I'm rushing them or anything...

- I hate it when you make pasta and you want to strain it but you don't have a strainer so you use a plate or something to slowly let the water out and then everything gets really hot and you feel like you're going to spill all the pasta into your sink. That sucks.

- I hate this guy. He is like a walking cliché of what uneducated redneck Americans are like.

- I hate the expression  "I could care less" because what you really mean is "I couldn't care less."

- I hate people who say "I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual." They're not spiritual, they're pretentious.

- I hate when you order starters at a restaurant and they bring them at the same time as the food. I hate it even more when they ask you when you would like them to bring the starters. "Yes, I would like the starters as I'm walking out of the restaurant please."

- I hate investment bankers. While the profession itself is very necessary, it has the ability to bring out all the worst traits in people. Take a bunch of guys in their 20s who get paid craploads of money to be locked up in an office 20+ miserable hours a day constantly trying to act suave and get people to buy into deals. Now unleash them onto the public in their 1 hour of free time. The result is almost always a giant douchefest.

- I hate when rappers thank God at award ceremonies. It's like they don't know that God also saw them dealing smack and beating hookers.

- I hate Steve Jobs.

- I hate people who act like David Guetta songs are the most amazing things ever. They're fun and danceable yes. But like Deadmau5 said, "anyone can just play two songs at the same time." Besides, all he does is take hits from the 90s (aka songs that we know people already like) and add techno beats to them.

- I hate that Thursday night is the new Friday night because the whole point of going on Friday is that you don't have to work the next day. Going out Thursday is just like saying "let's see how tired, miserable, and unproductive I can be at work tomorrow!" Plus most of the time I go out Thursday I am so tired Friday afternoon that I stay in. Fail.

- I hate when girls tell you that you should just be friends. Because most of the time this happens you already are friends, and if they hadn't said anything, that's probably what would have happened anyway. Instead, it makes you feel like you weren't even friends to begin with. Lame.

- I hate that Barrack Obama didn't have a good president before him so that people could realize how incompetent he is.

- I hate Gambit. He is a terrible X-Man.

- I hate when people reply to your negative comments on Youtube videos saying "if you don't like [XYZ] then why would you comment on it??" The answer to that question is "because I want people to know that I don't like [XYZ]..." It's very simple, really.

- I hate it when Asian people talk a lot of shit about how they're going to kick my ass in Super Smash Brothers before they've ever played me, because I've never actually been beaten by an Asian at SSB (this is fact). Have they ever seen White Men Can't Jump?

- I hate bathroom attendants! What on earth is the purpose of these people? I've been going to the bathroom and subsequently washing my hands since I was an infant.. do I really need someone to do it for me? It's not even luxurious or anything. It's not like if you came out of a pool and a hot Swedish model was there to dry you off. It's usually some creepy guy who puts soap in your hands and dries them for you. Ewww... And the worst part is when the bathroom is really really tiny yet you still have to squeeze in there with a bathroom attendant who's basically just standing there watching you take a piss so he knows when to turn the water on for you. Is this really necessary? Everyone hates them. They cost the bar money. Nobody tips them. Why do they exist?

And finally...

- I HATE Nickelback.

Mo out.

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