Friday, July 9, 2010

My blog is the coolest thing on the street, and Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz can go re-oil their joints

Is your blog the unpopular kid?

I stumbled upon this article on CNN today hoping to find some cool tips and tricks on how to make my blog slightly more successful (aka get more people to read it). Instead, all I got was a few bits of advice on how I can remove all originality and excitement from my blog and turn it into a cookie cutter, one-trick pony whose sole purpose is to get big, make a quick appearance on MTV, and then disappear quietly into the night (actually that doesn't sound so bad). Alrighty let's see here. First up:

[Problem: Your blog is a Spaz]
"Imma review this movie!" "Obama is mishandling the oil spill!" "Today I saw a horse!"
"General interest" content is generally uninteresting, and making like a digital dilettante means no one will take you seriously or see you as an expert in your domain.]

What.... me? a spaz? No way. And to be fair I reviewed a CD and a website. Movie reviewing is totally not cool.
Okay fine... but come on. What am I supposed to do. Blog about the same thing every single day? What's the fun in that. Is eMo's fate to become a simple single subject notebook full with so much repetitive crap that you can't even tell what page you're on anymore? I mean seriously, how many times can you blog about different flavors of muffins, or about your pet cat, or about people on the street with mustaches? Isn't it a lot more fun to read about all the things that are important in life? I mean after all, when you go to CNN, do they tell you about all the news or just the news that occured while someone was filming it on a bicycle (or some other random blog theme). And yes, I did just come up with these blog themes randomly and then find matching blogs online.

I think my blog being a Spaz gives it character, and makes it unique. Where else can you read about Tiger Woods, Warhammer 40,000, BP, The World Cup, AND look at pictures of hot chicks?

I'm not even going to continue with the rest of the article because I've pretty much figured out the divergence in my thinking and Brenna and Andrea's. I think we differ on what the point of blogging is!

See, if you're really good about writing about your pet cat, and all you do is write about just your pet cat, and lots of curious people come to your website to read about your pet cat, in the end all you've done is managed to afford yourself the lifestyle that a regular person with a regular job can have while still having the ability to write about whatever the hell it is they want. Also you're a person who's going to have no career when your cat dies, because surely nobody's going to want to stick around for your next cat when they've been so loyal to the first.

Writing a blog should be fun, but then as with anything if you're going to do it as a career then there are ways to fast-track it to "success," such as writing about things that people want to hear about that aren't necessarily as fun as exciting as other things that you could write about. It's kind of like with music. Sure you can make cookie cutter boring music that always plays in the same key and always goes verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus chorus, but what's the fun in that??? I think it's much more worth it in life to get a real job, write fun blog posts and make original music, and then, if you're lucky become a crazy blogger or a rock star doing what you want, and having fun doing it.

So a final note to Brenna and Andrea:

Okay, so my blog is not the coolest thing on the street. At least it has some originality, you fucking robots! Keep reading, and stay tuned for my EP due, as I promised, this month sometime.

Mo out.

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