Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oblichoco (this is my obligatory BP post)

I don't really want to write about BP because doing so would actually support the idea that it needs a lot of media coverage and attention. The problem is that because it's getting so much attention I am forced to write about it, therefore giving it more attention.

So I'm going to try and write about BP while at the same time writing as little as possible about BP.

-I think that, obviously, BP should have to pay for all cleanup costs, associated damages, etc. The oil spill is their fault and therefore it is their responsibility to clean it up.

-I think it's correct for most people to be upset at BP.

-I think it is completely dumb and and absolute waste of time of President Obama to go after BP in the way that he has (or hasn't depending on what camp you're in). Instead of trying to be the tough guy who fights for the people and vilainizes corporate America (or corporate U.K. in this case), he should be working with British Petroleum to try and stop the leak. For example, "Here, BP, take our coast guard. Use whatever you need to fix this as soon as possible. We will bill you once it's plugged" is how I would have approached it. Fucking concentrate on stopping the leak before playing the who's to blame game.... AGAIN! This is the same shit he's doing with financial services! God I feel like a broken record.

That's all I have to say about BP. As a side comment I'd just like to add that Barrack Obama has his priorities totally fucked up. Rather than going on a crusade against healthcare/finance/oil companies, he should be working with them to solve the problems that we're facing.

Please, enough of this "yes we can" bullshit.

Mo out.

(By the way... did you guys see that when Rob Green caught the ball and then it slipped and rolled into the goal anyway?)

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