Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Obama needs to stop chasing guys with titles that begin with C and end in O

If someone mishandles your package at the post office, do you go to the Postmaster General?

If you get a parking ticket, do you take your appeal to the Supreme Court?

If they forget to prepare your order at McDonalds, and then prepare it wrong.... twice... would you pick up the phone and ask to speak to Jim Skinner? (He's the CEO of McDonalds)

No, you wouldn't. Why not? It's a pretty simple question really. That's not the type of thing that they're in charge of handling. So when healthcare companies / financial companies / BP make mistakes, why is it that our fearless leader always goes straight to the top?

So an oil rig blew up. Why the heck would Tony Hayward know anything? He's the CEO. Do you know how many oil rigs BP has? It would be ridiculous for him to know exactly everything that's going on on every oil rig all the time. I mean, asking the CEO of BP what exactly caused an explosion on one of their oil rigs would be like asking Jerry Manuel what Jose Reyes had for breakfast last Sunday (assuming they don't have organized team breakfasts...). It would be a lot more productive to interview... I don't know... maybe the Chief of Gulf of Mexico Drilling Safety (I made that title up, but you can bet your behind they have a position like that).

Instead Obama once again proves that he's all talk and very little action by parading every top executive of every firm on TV in front of a select panel of the biggest assholes in Congress and asking them ridiculous rhetoric questions that are completely irrelevant to their day to day jobs. Way to go. Now you will look like a superhero just in time for the next elections. Obama the CEO bounty hunter. We can call him Obama Fett.

Until people realize that oil is still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and that the top 15 guys at BP have been locked in a room with congressmen rather than trying to solve the problem.

You know, Obama makes me miss Bush.... just a little. At least Bush made us laugh.

Mo out.

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