Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup refs learning English swear words to catch up with Rooney...

You read this correctly - the world cup ref squad is actually learning new English swear words just to keep up with English footballer Wayne Rooney. Apparently, Rooney is so vulgar and his vocabulary for insulting other players is so expansive that the refs actually need lessons in cursing in order to tell if he is acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Full story.

To quote Larry the Cable Guy (first and last time), I don't care where you're from, but that's funny.

What I think is even funnier is that there's been a whole thing going on now in the weeks leading up the world cup where everyone is asking about Rooney and his temper - is he going to be able to control it, will it be a problem,etc. His teammates have all come out and said that Rooney is a very different player now that he was a few years ago and that he's learned to control his anger. Who is he, the Incredible Hulk?? Mind you, this is a player who in the 2006 World Cup took out his frustration on another player by stamping on his groin, and then contested the red card he was promptly given. How he is even allowed to play again is beyond me.

Oh wait, he's Wayne fucking Rooney. Carry on then!

Mo out.

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