Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epic Fail

North Carolina beach town bans thongs

Lambeth said people can wear thongs in their homes and backyards. And with his policy in place, he told CNN he's content. "I'm sitting out here looking at the ocean and don't see a damn thong in sight."

Two words: Epic Fail.

And that's a good thing how? You crazy bastard. WHY??????? Why would you do that???

What's the point of wearing a thong at home? The whole point of the thong is to just barely satisfy the requirement for "being dressed" which is necessary for being out in public... if you're staying home you might as well just hang out in your birthday suit.

I think whenever decisions are being made about thongs, we should think to ourselves WWSS?, or "What would Sisqo say?" And I think in this case his answer would be "Let me see that thooooooooooooong, that thong th-thong thong thong!"

I implore Kure Beach to reconsider.

Mo out.

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