Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I said in my last post, I've recently been looking up random things in Wikipedia and learning about them in my free time. One of the things that I read about was Azerbaijan.

Interestingly, when you Google Azerbaijan, the number 2 and 5 suggestions both involve pants (Azerbaijan pants and Azerbaijan Olympic pants). Wanting to find out what all the buzz around these pants was, I did a google image search and discovered that during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the athletes from Azerbaijan wore some pretty ballin' ass pants.

As I read through the blog which this pants image came from, I read a comment by another user claiming that while those pants were awesome, they weren't nearly as awesome as the Danish curling pants. Needless to say I looked them up and discovered that they were eye bleedingly cool. I also discovered that they were Norwegian (as it says on the back of the shirt...)

So my question to you is which pair of pants would you rock??


Danish (aka Norwegian):

Mo out.

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