Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Rick Roll Report: Rollin' like Fred Durst

I know it's been almost a week since actual April Fools but I've decided this blog has been lacking in the funny department lately, so here goes - after posting my not-at-all-funny rant on April 1st I decided to lighten up the mood by engaging in the following April Fools prank:

1) Call the Rick Roll hotline (it's a phone number that plays the infamous Rick Astley song)
2) Put it on hold and use line 2 to dial a friend
3) Wait until they pick up and hit the conference button - they've just been Rick Rolled by phone

Here's the full Rick Roll report:

1) Sherif: Picked up, was rolled. Later admitted that I "made his day"
2) Chris: Picked up, was rolled. I received an e-mail a few minutes later saying "did you just Rick Roll my phone you ass?"
3) Keith: "Boston Insurance this is Kei... WE'RE NO STRANGERS TO LOOOOOOVE" Later asked me what the point of that was but upon discovering it was April 1st, seemed to appreciate it a little more.
4) Bone: Bone was in fact aware that I was going to call him to discuss "something important". Picked up, was rolled. Later posted in his gmail status that his day could only go up from there.
5) Curley: Picked up, was rolled. Continued to say "hello?" through the first chorus and into the 2nd verse. Solid roll.
6) Karim: Called Belgium and asked my mother to put him on the phone. In the background I could hear "It's your brother, pick up!" followed by "NO! I'm not going to!" As soon as he eventually picked up, he was rolled. In the background, heard what translates to "I knew it, you ass!!"
7) Alex: Picked up, was rolled. Could hear his co-workers laughing in the background.
8) Alejandro: Picked up, was rolled. E-mailed back saying "Are they paying you for today?"
9) Adam: Picked up, was rolled.
10) Lafferty: Picked up, was rolled. Remained on the line for 15-20 seconds saying "hello?" and eventually singing along.
11) Other Alex: Picked up at work, was rolled. Heard the words "RICK ROLL." I was later told that upon being Rick Rolled, he put his phone on speaker and proceeded to Rick Roll his fellow co-workers on my behalf. Nice.

Honorable mention: I tried to Rick Roll Colin, but he refused to pick up since my work number shows up as "unknown" on his phone. Justin then tried to Roll him through gchat, but the gchat window gave away the roll when it displayed a preview of the window. Colin therefore escpaed the day unrolled.

However, he did lose the game. Well, anyway, he just did... and so did you... and I.

Bwahahahahhahaa. The Hachness Epidemic strikes again!

Hach out.

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