Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emergency declared in Kyrgyzstan. WTF is Kyrgyzstan?

"(CNN) -- Civil unrest engulfed the politically troubled central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday, with the government declaring a state of emergency and street fighting in the capital resulting in at least 40 deaths, according to reports. The Kyrgyz Health Ministry said that along with the deaths, around 400 people were wounded in fighting in Bishkek, the capital, between demonstrators supporting the political opposition and police, and the casualty toll is expected to rise."

I'm not going to lie, I had no idea that such a country even existed when I saw the news this morning. I wasn't surprised to find it right in the middle of central Asia, next to all the other 'stans (excuse my lack of political correctness there), but nevertheless I looked it up in Wikipedia and read about it for 2 minutes. One of the interesting things I found out was that they were one of two Soviet states to keep Russian as an official language post Soviet Union. Another thing I discovered was that they actually used the Arabic alphabet and script in Kyrgyzstan until the early 1900s, like Turkey and a few other countries.

Here's my advice for the day. Next time you see something like this (be it Kyrgyzstan or any other thing you've never heard of before), do yourself a favor and take 2 minutes to read about it. You'll learn something new and you'll be a better person for it. Also, you'll have more ammo next time you get into a debate with someone, and you'll seem smarter! Worst case scenario you'll feel like slightly less of a retard at bar trivia.

Mo out.

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