Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The sound of the ocean!

I don't know why people like spreading BS so much. As a kid I was told that if I put a seashell to my ear I could hear the sound of the ocean. And when I did it, I didn't really hear it. To me it sounded more like that annoying noise that your windows make when you leave them open and it's windy outside. But all the other kids apparently "heard" it because the first thing they did when they discovered this was immediately run to tell everyone they knew about it.

If you want to listen to the annoying sound of window wind, then be my guest. However if you really want to hear the sound of the ocean, then please... follow these steps:

1) Get a soda. It can be any kind but it has to be fizzy. Orangina won't work, for example because it's only slightly carbonated.

2) Pour enough soda to fill maybe 2/3 of your mouth then hold it.

3) Now pretend that you're rinsing your teeth with moutwash and just shake up the liquid a little but don't spit it out. This is to get the bubbles going.

4) Be very very quiet and listen. You should hear the sound of a wave washing up on shore.

Today's gayness brought to you by Mo. Enjoy the rest of your day friends.

Mo out (not out gay, just out, as in "farewell I'm leaving now").


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