Monday, May 17, 2010

An update from your favorite blogger (unless you also follow Keith, then I would be your second favorite because his blog actually serves a purpose)

For anyone who doesn't know Keith he's actually the American Passing Time, or APT, and he keeps a sports blog called Lightning in a Bottle. Check it out here (don't need to thank me for the free plug, Keith). So his blog actually serves a purpose unlike mine which is usually used as a vehicle for expressing discontent and letting everyone know about my discontent.

So, not to part with tradition:

1) Good morning everyone. Monday sucks.

2) So I was watching V for Vendetta while also tracking drums for my new song yesterday (although the kit faces away from the TV so now you'll know why if the track is a little off beat...) and I remembered the best quote ever: "A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!" And on this note I would like to inform you of a top secret project involving both revolutionary ideas and dancing that I and a third unnamed party will be working on as soon as my first unnamed band with the second unnamed party are done recording our yet unnamed album.

3) I am very into secrecy.

4) [number four contains material non-public information and has been censored from view by anyone not belonging to the Secret Club of Awesomeness]

5) There is a Secret Club of Awesomeness of which I am the only member.

6) The Club is no longer a secret

7) Also, fictitious!

8) Holy crap... this post needs some sort of focus. I promise I am not on drugs. RESET:

1) So as I said I'm about 65% done (calculated completely arbitrarily) with tracking drums/guitar on my new song. I put in a couple of hours of practice/and Pro Tools time last night, and should be able to finish the song either today or tomorrow. Rejoice!

2) Played some pickup soccer on the turf fields in Chinatown and I've got to say I've never felt more out of shape in my life. Not only am I out of shape, but me playing midfield-ish combined with the hard turf ground has managed to make every single muscle in my body sore. In a few minutes I will be Al Gore walking to get breakfast.

3) Also soccer related, I've discovered that the best way to win pickup soccer games against Latinos is through the use of a wonderful thing called passing the ball. See the way they play, they try to dribble up the whole field, get around 5-6 guys by themselves, and then score. When they miss they put their hands on their head, look up at the sky, and scream a combination of curse words and religious things. That strategy typically doesn't work unless you're Messi, and simply being from South America and having a mullet doesn't make you Messi. Wearing a Messi shirt is also not a proper Messifying technique. When you pass the ball to another player, Latinos are so instantly confused that they stop playing defense against you, and you are free to run further up the field. Once open you may shoot the ball and score goals... then watch them all complain about how something must have been against the rules since there were goals scored and no dribbling was involved.

4) The Meatpacking sucks except for one place called Son Cubanos which is ridiculous. It's full of Latin people dancing reggaeton. Come on.... even Cedric the Entertainer admits that "That Latino music" is great because it makes everyone think they can dance.

5) Lastly, RIP Ronnie James Dio, who died of stomach cancer yesterday. He will be remembered as one of the titans of metal, the icon of a generation, and as the most awesome poster the world has ever known. In his honor I promise to watch The Pick of Destiny at least once, and to play Neon Knights and Mob Rules very loudly several times.

Rock on in the afterlife.

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