Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update from the studio - drum tracking underway!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to shoot you a quick update over from Hachness studios.

I have just finished tracking drums for the first song on the upcoming EP. This one is actually a song that I've already recorded so it came pretty naturally. Most of the time I spent today was actually on tweaking the drum sound and finessing the recording equipment to make everything sound just right. Rather than trying to get a nice full drum sound, as I did with previous recordings, I did that thing you hear a lot on commercial recordings where the bass and snare drums are really prominent and the cymbals just create "background texture" instead of actually being a part of the kit. I think that's actually a good approach for my type of music because it places emphasis on the beats and because I'm not really capable of any fancy cymbal work yet.

Things are definitely easier the second time around. I'm also a much better drummer now than I was the first time I recorded the song, so I was able to spice it up a little bit by adding a couple of more interesting (and in-time) drum fills. This time i paid very careful attention to the metronome and actually looped each drum part to make sure that it was in time (if it loops seamlessly then all the beats are in time). I had to re-record the first verse part a few times since it's got a little off-beat thing going on, but in the end it came out perfect so I'm very excited. If you've heard my songs before and thought they sounded legit but obviously not professional... this is much much better.

Hopefully tracking the rest of the drums continues to be this easy, although as I've already pointed out, a certain track named "Bonfire" will present a major roadblock. That's why I'm leaving it for last!

I'm actually trying to take a professional approach to recording this EP, so I'm going to track all the drums first, to get a nice and consistent sound by minimizing setup / tear-down of my recording stuff. Once the drums are done I'll move on to recording main guitar parts, guitar solos, other pick scratchings/miscellaneous effects, and finally, bass.

And once that's all done, it will be time for vocals. Unlike my previous attempts at recording vocals, this one should come out semi decently.. I'm armed with some good recording knowledge acquired through the years, but more importantly... Pro Tools M-Audio, which has some pretty essential plugins such as a compressor, reverb, and a de-esser (tool that you use to make S sounds stick out less in recordings).

It's coming, boys and girls... BE EXCITED!

Mo out.

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