Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First post!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post.

I'm not quite sure how to say this but... I've never done this before. I've never really used any sort of utility to send an open message to the entire world. Sure I've used Facebook, but that only goes to 434 of my closest friends. Until recently the whole concept of blogs and Twitter has been completely beyond me. "Why would someone need to know where I am, all the time, at anytime?" I thought to myself. It just seemed a bit silly, you know. Like, who cares if you can finally play the guitar solo to "Creeping Death?" But then I realized that there really isn't any downside. I can just post things whenever I want, and people can read them if they want. It's not like you can ask Twitter what I'm doing and it will hack my computer and find out for you (if that's actually the case then someone needs to tell me ASAP because that's not cool). So I decided that I'm just going to blog whatever I feel like blogging (is that a verb? to blog? Judging by the lack of squiggly red lines under the word blogging, I take it that it is...) for whatever reason and maybe someone will find value in it.

Some people blog about sports, some about music, and some about their kids. I think I'm just going to blog about everything. Seeing as I already lack any sort of filter between my brain and mouth, this blog will just be an extension of myself... but online. As you can see I've already (very cleverly I might add) picked the title eMO for "electronic Mo." So here's an analogy: the New York Times Online is to relevant things what this blog is to irrelevant things that go on in my brain.

Umm... so before we conclude because I need to go to bed (because I have work in the morning), a little about me. My name is Mo, I'm 23 at the time of this post, I live in New York City, I love music, I work at a large foreign bank, and I think I'm funny sometimes, but the funniness seems to be lost somewhere between my brain and my mouth for the most part. Also I love parentheses.

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