Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second Post - sharing a few interesting things

The newness of this blogging thing stil hasn't worn off and I feel strangely addicted to it... I've never really felt the urge to just talk (especially not to an empty room) so this has taken me by surprise. I thought I would share a few bits of world news with you guys:

Check out what Honda tried to slip past us... what were they thinking? "Quickly, let's recall a million cars while Toyota is in the public eye! Nobody will notice!" I don't know what's better: getting into an accident because your accelerator is stuck/your brakes didn't work (Toyota) or surviving the accident only to have your head removed courtesy of the airbag (Honda). At least Toyota owners will go knowing that the CEO feels genuinely bad about their accident. Not the case with Honda. That said.. is there anyone not from Bavaria that can build a decent car anymore? Quality control folks...

If you thought cheap Chinese imitation products were limited to perfumes and Louis Vuitton bags, think again. Someone has brilliantly designed a ripoff search engine called Goojje, which looks like a mix of Google and Blue's Clues. Does that seem totally not farfetched to you? I thought so. Read about it here.

Also. Greeks... I'm tired of hearing about your crap. Want a solution to your huge budget deficit that doesn't involve asking the EU to print money for you? Its simple really.... Pay your damn taxes! (explanation)

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  1. Or, Greece could just levy a 100% tax on cigarettes... that should remove the deficit by 2011 the latest.