Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why killing zombies is so fun

"In the first two months of Left 4 Dead 2's release, 28,981,249,043 zombies have been shot, bludgeoned, chainsawed and killed — or, for our younger readers, taken to a farm where they can frolic and shuffle around forever."

-L4D2 blog

That's hella zombies!

I think part of the reason killing zombies is so fun is that there's absolutely nothing going their way. Let me explain:

Most villains, whether it be in cartoons, movies, etc., have at least one or two redeeming qualities, or other thing which makes you feel bad for them just a little bit when they are finally defeated. Of course now that I'm typing this I can't think of any because that's how these things work - you make a bold assertion and then look like a fool when someone says "give me 1 example." Oh wait I got one... so in Batman, you have to feel bad for the Penguin. He's short and ugly... he's got a little inferiority complex. That's what makes him go bad. It doesn't at all cancel out his evilness, but it does make you a little sad to see him go.

Back to Zombies. They've got nothing going for them. They are feelingless bags of flesh with only one objective... TO EAT YOUR BRAINS! On top of that, they look funny, walk funny, and have the uncanny ability to explode into red mist when shot with even the most basic of firearms. Why wouldn't you want to kill zombies?? They're like the piñata of the villain world. Except instead of delicious candy, they're full of blood and guts.

That said, grab your sombreros and join me for some L4D2. It's going to be a long and bloody night!

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