Thursday, February 11, 2010

OMGWTFBBQ!! What's all the Buzz about?

If Facebook is for staying in touch with friends and sharing photos, and Myspace is for posting your emo/metal band's music and being stalked by 16 year-olds who also like Avenged Sevenfold, then Google's new Buzz "social networking" feature is somewhere between standing on your chair and yelling in a crowded middle school cafeteria full of all your college buddies and that incredibly long completely random speech given by the one guy in Waiting for Godot who only gives that one speech.

It seems that right as Facebook and Twitter are heading off to Wall Street to plan their respective IPO's (initial public offering), Google is doing everything it can possibly to do sabotage them. Somewhere in a video game arcade, or other appropriate office setting (you know how these Google folks are), a product development exec must have instructed his team: "okay... I want you to take Facebook, and Myspace, and Twitter, and I want you to combine them and put it in everyone's email,..." followed by "...and you have half an hour."

I'm all for new social networking, but I think I'm going to hold off on Google Buzz until the buzz dies down (pwn intended) and someone has actually figured out how to use it! The problem here is that it isn't apparent exactly what Google Buzz does, other than try to steal market share (and your precious time/advertising dollars) from the other guys. If want to stalk my friends, I go on Facebook. If I want to stalk strangers, Myspace. Google, I'll see you on revision 2.

/Rant. Mo out. To infinity, and beyond!

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