Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Google is the new Derek Jeter

Before this post turns into a wedding proposal to the internet giant, let me remind everyone that my Order 66 comment still stands. If Google keeps growing at this pace, and all of a sudden, Steve Jobs is named CEO, we're all doomed. Let's not put all our eggs in Google's basket, thank you.

Now with that out of the way, I want to say that Google is my new favorite thing. Why? Because they are awesome in every single way imaginable. Period. The latest clash with China is a truly remarkable example of having massive balls. In a world where pretty much everything is done for money, Google is standing up for what's right, and doing it the right way. By moving their search services to Hong Kong they are uncensoring the internet legally for all their users. The burden is now on the Chinese Government to censor the internet, as opposed to the self-censorship required on the mainland. Additionally, Google is going the extra mile to make sure that their Chinese employees remain safe and aren't made liable for any of the corporation's actions. Pure win. For anyone who hasn't, see this letter from Google themselves on their blog.

But Google's freedom of speech, freedom of (basically) everything stance extends to more than just China. Google was under fire for its street view feature in Google maps. The British SAS gave google crap for "exposing a secret SAS base," to which Google essentially responded:

1) If it's visible from the street then everyone can see it anyway
2) If it's a secret base then the whole point is that people see it and think nothing of it
3) If you announce that it's a secret base, you're giving yourself away
4) If we put holes in the map where secret bases are, then that also gives away secret bases
5) All your base are belong to us

It's refreshing to see a company consistently do what's right. Add to that the hundreds of awesome and free services that Google offers and you'll quickly realize why they are awesome:

Gmail: Email with integrated messenger so that if your friends are online you can save time by using IM. Dare I say genius? Also if you say you're going to attach a file in your email, and you forget to do so, Google knows, and reminds you.

Buzz: We put some social networking in your social networking, so you can network socially while you socially network, dogg.

Youtube: Anyone can do anything and show it to the entire world. Yes there are lots of idiots, but think of how cool that is for a second. Youtube certainly breaks a lot of barriers.

Blogger: Without it I would have to personally call Justin and rant instead of just posting it online and making him read it. Also it lets me put funny pictures, and I can make money from my blog by advertising on it.

Google charts: check it out.... you can create charts by using a fairly simple code. No more need to copy your charts into paint, save them as image files, and paste them on your web page, only to find out that you got a number wrong. With google charts you paste the forumla directly into the address bar and it creates the chart on the spot for remote viewing by anyone. Great idea?

So the point of this post that the bigger Google gets, the more I want to hate on it.... but at the end of the day, it's just not possible. They are just so good at what they do. Also their motto, "Don't be evil" was built in the city of win. I guess "hundreds of really smart people in a room wearing jeans and a t-shirt and coming up with awesome free shit" is a business model that more companies should follow.

Mo out.

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