Monday, March 22, 2010

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

So somehow I am still alive. I am far too tired to recap everything that has happened over the past few days, but here's a quick summary:

Friday March 19th

-See previous post
-Arrived in Acapulco at 6:45pm. That damn bus was 5 hours, not 3... lameass. Scenery was beautiful
-Checked in at hotel where I had to pay everything up front
-Took a shower, bought a Corona, and met up with friends on the beach
-Bought another Corona on the way back from the beach
-Went to Sr. Taco for a quick bite, and headed to the first party of the night
-Open bar, 9-12pm at a hookah lounge overlooking the entire coast of Acapulco. How do you spell ballin'?

Saturday March 20th

-Left hookah lounge at 1am ish, headed around town looking for another party spot
-Decided to go to Sr. Taco again en lieu of partying. Awesome. Remember this location!

 -Went home to the hotel
-Woke up noon-ish and hit the beach until 3pm. Ice cream and beer for breakfast.
-4:30pm wedding ceremony at the highest point in Acapulco. Absolutely beautiful.
-6:30pm ish arrived at the wedding reception. ON the beach. TWO open bars.

Sunday March 21st

-Sometime around 6am got in a cab


-Sometime around 7am passed out in my hotel room
-2pm woke up and hit the beach
-Decided our beach was crap, headed over to the Fiesta Americana thinking they had a better beach. Their beach was crapper. Received a phone call from our good friend inviting us to a house in the mountains. You know those houses you see all the way up in the mountains surrounded by trees and you think "what drug dealer owns this?" yeah. Baller.
-6pm Mojitos IN THIS POOL (see bellow) watching the sunset, drinks until midnight, Guacamole, Fish Tacos, et al.

Monday March 22nd

-Midnight Champagne. Veuve Cliquot.
-Cab home around 1am
-Sr. Taco around 1:30. LOOOOVE Sr. Taco.
-Shower, then hit The Clover, and Irish bar across the street at 2am. Best cover band ever. Best James Hetfield impersonation evarrrrrr by this fat Mexican man. That and they also played "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia (woman singer). Left around 3am
-Checked out from the hotel and took a cab to the bus station around 4am
-Lo siento senor pero el bus esta completamente lleno!
-Waited 2 hours in a hot sticky bus station for the 6am bus to Mexico city. Afraid to fall asleep and get robbed.
-Took a 5 hour bus to Mexico city, which arrived around 11am
-Took a cab to the airport from the bus station in Mexico City. Fucker drops me off at the wrong Terminal
-Took a bus to Terminal 2. I had no idea the terminals were so far apart.
-Flight to Newark goes as scheduled. Negative legroom on the flight (aka there is less room than is needed for my legs to properly fit)

-Tall guy next to me gets up and switches seats with hot Mexican girl. I am excited because her legs are not as long and I can put mine a little sideways. I face the window without saying a word to her the entire trip and pass out.
-Flight arrives at Newark 7:25pm
-Air Train to Newark Airport railroad station
-NJ transit to Penn Station
-Get on the 2 train going the wrong way.... get off at Times SQ
-Subway to Wall St, where I get off wearing shorts and a speed racer T-shirt. It is pouring rain.
-Arrive at my apartment building, where both my keys and the backup keys are locked inside my apt. FML

 More pictures/videos will be needed to fully describe the epicness of these events. Keep an eye out on Facebook.

I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Going to bed.

Mo out.

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