Monday, March 1, 2010

Mo "enters the studio" with new material

Okay really this just means that I was home over the weekend and I started working on a new track. But if I'm ever going to make it as an artist, I need to learn to make a big deal out of nothing on a regular basis, because that's what the pros do. So here goes - started tracking drums on Saturday, which went pretty well up to the bridge part (because apparently I can't hold a fucking beat after the 2:40 mark). Then I got a little bored of drumming because I'm still not that good at it and it's more like work at this point, so I switched over to recording guitar half-way through the song (my new white Ravelle will be making its debut on this recording). Anyway after a little bit of playing guitar I decided everything sounded half-assed and decided to start over this week. Aside from the sound quality and on-timeness of everything, the song sounds pretty good though. It's the first time I've heard everything put together because I just think up the songs in my head and don't have anyone to jam with or anything.

So to end with a very generic statement that we've all heard from all our favorite bands: "I think this newest song is the best that I've ever worked on... I mean, it combines all the different elements that I've experimented with over my career and I'm truly proud of what I've done with it..."

Have a happy Monday. Mo out.

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