Monday, March 15, 2010

Where has all the hate gone?

I've been receiving feedback from some of my readers/skimmers (let's be serious) about the recent lack of hating. As previously discussed, hating is a big part of this blog. My most recent hate rant was about Daniel H. Pink being a poopface, and that was almost two weeks ago. Since then I've tried to keep everyone entertained with short stories and random posts about things that I'm doing, but it doesn't seem to quench your thirst for some thorough hate.

Quite honestly, there just hasn't really been anything hate-worthy since said poopface graced the pages of CNN March 4th. And it's not like I sit by doing nothing - I actually scan the headlines every day for things to hate on. So I will tell you this. Keep checking this blog as you normally do/don't and I guarantee that as soon as a target presents itself, I will be ready to pounce on it with the ferocity and intensity of..... very fiercely and intensely.

Until then you can always re-read my Tiger Woods post!

Mo out.

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