Monday, March 8, 2010

A status update on your favorite blogger!

(Just to make sure, I just picked these guys because they look excited, not because they look gay)

Mood: Accomplished, excited, but very tired

Latest accomplishment(s):
Went to the gym for 2 days in a row, recorded my 2nd song and posted it on Myspace - today is all about 2's.

When can we expect the next song?
Did you see how long it took to record this one? Actually it might be done in the next 2 weeks if I'm lucky so stay tuned. And I'll release 2 songs, and they'll be 2 minutes long. Okay enough.

Listening to:
Lots of Muse, Story of the Year (the newer, angrier stuff), My Chemical Romance (the older, angrier stuff), and other more obscure things on my Zune like Porcupine Tree and old old Incubus (when they played Jazz Funk Rock..... yeah....).

What's a Zune?
It's like an iPod but Microsoft makes it, and it's much better. It has radio. You can share songs wirelessly and listen to things in sync with other people who own Zunes! How cool is that?

You listen to radio?
No, but you likely do.

Mega Man X, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Sunset Riders, F-Zero, (notice a trend?), Battlefield Bad Company 2, lots of drums, not so much guitar, only as much bass as I have to (sorry bassists out there, aka Justin).

Plans for the weekend:
Do I ever plan anything? Actually I might go to Long Island, Boston, or Snowboarding in New Jersey - either that or I'll stay in and play Battlefield Bad Company 2 which is awesome - so lol no plans.

Not going to the gym?
Ugh, fine.

Current thoughts:
I hate the gym. It hurts when I stretch now.

Other current thoughts:
Avatar got shafted for best score, but Up had pretty good music too so it's all good - it made $2.6 billion so let someone else win some awards...

Your brain is multithreaded?
Yes I can actually think multiple things at once. Amazing. I/You am/are the/teh greatest/suxors. How's that for parallel computing?

Newest cool thing I've learned:
If you write the words "is attached" or "are attached" in a Gmail email and send the email without attaching anything, Google will ask you if you meant to attach something. A pretty awesome feature, except yesterday I said "are attached at the hip" and triggered the question box. No biggie though, I can see the usefulness. This is why Google is awesome. Putting lots of smart people in a room and allowing them do come up with clever things is a good idea!

Mo out.

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