Thursday, March 18, 2010

A trek and a half...

Hey everyone!

Your favorite blogger is going to Acapulco, Mexico for a wedding. I'm leaving tomorrow and returning Monday, which should be fun. For anyone who is jealous, don't be... I'll need all the luck I can get just to make it there and back alive! My trip is quite the odyssey... here is what my travel plan looks like (obviously in the numbered list format):

1) Subway to Penn Station
2) Train from Penn Station to Newark Airport Railroad Station
3) Air Train from Newark Airport Railroad to the terminal
4) Flight to Mexico City
5a) Find cheap connection to Acapulco, skip to step 9a
5b, more probable) Do NOT find cheap flight, take cab to "South Station"
6) Argue with cab driver in broken Spanish
7) Take bus from Mexico City South Station to Acapulco Station
8) Fight Cyclops
9a) Arrive at Acapulco Airport, take cab to hotel
9b) Arrive at Acapulco bus station, take cab to hotel

Mo out... hopefully not for the last time!

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