Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Topeka, Kansas, becomes first city to sell its soul to Google - be scared!

Topeka, Kansas, for the month of March, will be known as "Google, Kansas," thereby making it the first city in this country to sell itself to the Google World Domination Machine (GWDM... think of it a little like Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine).

Although I do love Google (and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine) I think it's a bit scary how they're slowly starting to invade the world. First they were dominating the internet, but now they're reaching out into the real world. First with phones, then fiber optics lines, and now they're starting to take over our cities.

I'd like to think that someday in the not too distant future there will be some trace of technology left that isn't running any Google software. Just as a security measure, you know. I don't want them pulling some Order 66 type shit on us and screwing us all over.

(that was a pretty obscure joke so I'll include a picture clue)

Also I'd like to point out that this is the second time Topeka changes its name. Back in 1998 the city changed its name to "Topikachu" to coincide with the release of Pokemon, making it a repeat offender. I guess Topeka is just one of those swinger towns. Personally I would have killed to see "Poughkeepsyduck."

Full article here.

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